Your Baby Shower Gift Basket

Your Baby Shower Gift Basket

Personalized gifts

Giving a personal touch to every gift makes it unique from the others. This touch is amplified especially when these gifts are for babies, be it your niece or nephew, or your friends’. Through the years as they grow, these personalized gifts would become tokens of love that you’ve sent to them even before they are born. If you’re not yet certain for the baby’s birth date or name, you can opt to give a gift certificate, along with your gift, for an engraving or etching design on it. In this way, the parents can still personalize your gift after birth and use it for our angel.

There are lots of choices for items that you can personalize for the incoming baby. There are picture frames, baby cups, baby socks or mittens, jewellery, cutlery set, and lot more to choose from. You just have to look around and decide what’s the cutest.

To start off, the baby’s name embroidered on a blanket would be a beautiful gift to both the mother and the baby.

Your labor of love gift basket

Very popular for gifts nowadays are gift baskets, for they contain a lot of useful things packed together very nicely. They can be made-to-order or ready-made. But, it is also a good idea to have this as a personalized gift for the new-born. You can personally put together all cute baby items that you’ve picked and have it wrapped with love. Do you like to make one? Here’s how.

  1. Choose the size of your gift basket first. You can have a medium-sized one, so you won’t have much difficulty in filling them with baby items. Craft stores usually sell baskets in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs that you can choose from. For added beauty, you can use tissue paper or raffia together with the baby towels and blankets to fill the basket’s bottom.
  1. If you’ve chosen a large basket, you can fill it up with larger items like stuffed toys, pillows, crib comforters or crib bumpers. If you’re gift basket is for a first born, you can place smaller yet more items, to your large basket, that the baby really needs.
  1. You should always consider the baby’s gender in choosing your gift items. If you haven’t known it yet, better choose unisex items that the baby can surely use. Just don’t forget to choose the cutest.
  1. Having a theme is a great idea. Typically, it is color coded: pink items for baby girls and blue items for baby boys. But you can always choose other designs as well; there’s floral, hello kitty-themed, or those with stars and clouds. You can also have a bedtime theme with your basket filled with blankets, pillows, a teddy bear, music CD, story books and pajamas. Just be creative because this part is where your imagination will shine.
  1. Alternative for a basket? You can use a diaper bag, a baby tub, a small laundry basket or a trunk for an added creativity in your presentation and theme.
  1. If you’re using a baby tub, you can fill it with the baby’s needs for his bath time: soaps, baby shampoo, powder, towels, lotion, bubble bath and a cute rubber duckie.
  1. If you choose the trunk, you can fill it with story books, receiving blankets, decorated or inherited items, a picture frame and an inspirational book about parents and babies. You can even add a little notebook with inspirational notes in it for the baby.
  1. If you chose to use a little laundry basket, you can place in baby diapers, baby comb and brush, cute slippers, booties and baby clothes.