What A Woman Wants

What A Woman Wants

If you are going to meet a lady abroad you’ve been communicating with for some time, you might consider bringing a few gifts over. Selecting the right gift is a challenge at first, but it’s not as scary as it seems.

Some Common Ideas 

Gifts are symbols of appreciation and something to remember you by. They don’t need to be expensive. Good ideas for gifts might be some hand-made crafts, or something with cultural or personal meaning. This would be a good conversation starter so you could learn more about each other and your culture.

It is also common to give baseball hats or t-shirts. While these are practical souvenirs, remember to know her t-shirt/hat size to make the recipient feel like they are getting a personalized gift instead of an item fit-for-all.

 Doing Something More Memorable

If you want to score points for being thoughtful, find out what she likes or needs. For instance, if she’s learning English and loves movies, it might be a good idea to have a DVD collection of movies with subtitles in English.

When visiting her in her home, it is common to bring flowers and some sweets/cake with juice/wine. Again, it would be a good idea to ask about a person’s preferences before selecting something.

Almost every woman loves to look good. You could treat her to a session at a beauty parlor. Giving your girl an opportunity to get pampered will be a memorable event for her and she will love you for it. You could also bring her jewelry, accessories, bags, perfume that she might like. 

Friendly Reminders

Whatever you are going to bring, make sure it is light and unbreakable to avoid the problem of luggage limits and handling. Do not make gifts a central part of your visit. Remember what’s more important is your relationship. Bring a few extra trinkets just in case you make some unexpected acquaintances and want to leave a souvenir for them. 

Whatever gift you get her, remember: the best gift of all is the honest communication. So good luck and enjoy your trip!