Timeless Holiday Gift Ideas

Timeless Holiday Gift Ideas

Whenever we give something, we want to give something that last a lifetime. But what kind of gift would be timeless? Here are some ideas:

A musical instrument is one example of a timeless gift. For someone who has an interest in music, a musical instrument can be a wonderful investment in his life. You can choose from the popular musical instruments like the piano and/or electric keyboard, guitar, violin, or drum set. Once they learn to play the instrument, it will be a gift that continues to give, possibly for several generations if passed down the ranks.

Another popular timeless holiday gift idea would be handmade or heirloom jewelry. From the stunning pendants to the glittering necklaces, there remains a simplistic and yet elegant charm to jewelry. Jewelry also seems to be perfect for passing down family stories and heritage, and thus fits nicely into the timeless category.

For those who are believers, a wonderful and timeless holiday gift idea is that of the Holy Bible. The old family Bible, although tattered and torn and perhaps even worn in a few places, is a special part of the family and is more precious to them than gold, silver or even platinum. Bibles and other holy scriptures for the faithful always make for a special and timeless gift.

This leads us to photo albums and scrapbooks. Whenever someone’s home was destroyed, when asked what they miss the most is always the family photo album. Photos hold our memories with them, and help remind us of where we came from and what we have become. Thus small, handmade collections of special photos are always a welcome and timeless gift to receive.

A tradition that will always be a smart and timeless holiday gift tradition will be that of making and giving away baked goods made from the heart and family recipes passed down from as far as the family can remember. No matter what, the smell of cookies cooking is a welcome scent, and one that always brings a smile to our face.

Finally, when all else fails, you can give money. No matter how fashion and technology changes, money will always remain as a good and thoughtful, and especially timeless, gift to give. In fact, money is the number one requested item no matter what the holiday season being celebrated is!

So there you have it. That is the list of timeless gift ideas. Now what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time preparing your timeless gift!