The Rose: A Flower that Sells

The Rose: A Flower that Sells

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the rose. This elegant flower has a huge market primarily because of its popularity and the role it plays in romance.

Roses are everywhere in all shapes, sizes and colors because the rose sells. It sells inside, outside, and all year-round. It sells in rain, sleet, fog, snow, hot or cold weather. It sells on skin as tattoos, in jewelry, in decals, on clothing, in hair products, bath products, perfumes and deodorizers, on fabric, room decorations, at funerals, in weddings, at parties, carved into furniture, in paintings and drawings, and even in children’s color books. 

Roses sell no matter what holiday it is and is valuable whether it is alive or dead. Dried roses can be used for products as well. Then you have the products that result from processing the rose like rose oils and rose waters.

 Roses also sell in health stores. Rosehips are the ‘fruit’ that develops once the petals have fallen off the rose flower, about the size of a cherry, and similar in taste to a cranberry. Rose hips are high in Vitamin C.

Aside from Vitamin C, many recipes can be made using rosehips. A friendly reminder though: you must remove all seeds to avoid discomfort when digested. Once you’ve done that, you can experiment with rosehips and try to make syrup, applesauce, pudding, fruit leather, soup, bread, tea, pie, candy, and jelly. If you’re feeling more adventurous you can also try rose berries. Rose berries were eaten as dinner vegetables in World War II, to enhance good health.

The rose is a beautiful and special flower and there is no limit in the products that can be made out of it. The rose market is as big as it is now because as we have learned, it sells a lot and it seems like it will continue to sell for a long time.