Relaxing Gift Ideas for Stressed-out Women

Relaxing Gift Ideas for Stressed-out Women

Workaholic women nowadays aren’t that hard to find. They could be your mom, your girlfriend or even your friend next door who runs her own online business shop. And with their frenzied activities, they might forget to pamper themselves and relax even for a short while.

Good thing they have you to remind them to let loose and just rest. You might want to give them a little gift to let them get away with those deadlines and tensions that blanket them all month long. Got no idea yet? Never worry because we have some relaxing gift ideas for our stress-magnet ladies. These only cost a little to give them so much of the break they need.

1. Sleep mask


Sleeping enough lets our body not only recover from stress, but also improves one’s health, memory, immune system, learning and a lot more. But during their stressful work hours, one of the very essential activities our ladies forget is to sleep. With this sleep mask, they get to close their eyes and get a darker, more comfortable ambiance for rest since the mask blocks those flashy lights around. It also helps her to keep her eyes shut off and allows her to just fall into sleep.

 2. Soft and cozy blanket

Since sleeping comes to be very beneficial, especially for our stressed out women, let’s get to make her rest worthwhile by giving her a cottony soft and cozy blanket. Allow her to feel caressed and warmed up as she wraps herself around it to rest.

3. Spa gift basket


Aside from the usual basket where she dunks her trash every day, you might want to give her an enjoyable one that contains sweet-scented bath lotion, soap, shampoo, and some more. Getting her into a spa might be costly for you, but giving her the same feeling through this spa gift basket where she can enjoy at home just might be your solution to that. Letting her enjoy her bath time some more gives her a more relaxed feeling.

 4. Head massager

From time to time, their heads get more stressed with all the planning or executing tasks. So they might be getting headaches any time soon. Giving her a head massager will help her to pamper her head with a little bit of massage. It’s very light and easy to use. She might even want to take it with her to office!

 5. Foot bath

Soaking your feet into warm water has been proven to boost normal blood circulation to the entire skin surface as well as the internal organs and the brain. You might want to purchase an affordable foot bath kit for her. With this, she can just soak her feet for 15 to 30 minutes or so, and just let loose of the tension that she’s had throughout the day.

 6. Yoga Gift Certificate


You must have heard about yoga. It’s defined to be “a total mind-body workout” that also promotes proper posture and relaxation. In her workplace, she will most probably have stressed muscles too, aside from her head. And giving her a gift certificate would be a great way to introduce her to yoga and let her feel relaxed as she exercises too.

7. Adult coloring book

One of the arising popular stress-relieving activities for adults nowadays comes from adult coloring books. Researches have supported that even though these books may not be called “art therapy”, it helps you relax, relieve stress, improve focus and creativity. With a variety of these to choose from, you can start off by giving her a 20-page coloring book and a set of coloring pencils to get her going and divert her attention out from work even for a short while.

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