Make Your Own Cards Fun and Easy!

Make Your Own Cards Fun and Easy!

Instead of giving out a store-bought card for the next special occasion, try your hand at making your own cards. Making your own cards does not require a lot of hard work, but rather a bit of creativity and the right materials.

To start, visit your local arts and crafts store to search for materials. Most arts and crafts stores have big scrapbooking sections helpful for your card creation. Let your inspiration guide you as the possibilities are unlimited. You can create various themed cards such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day cards among many others.

Stamping methods can help make your card look great. Embossing is one of the many stamping methods and includes the process of creating a raised image on the card to give the card an elegant appearance.

You can also try die cuts and die cut machines. Die cuts allow you to punch a shape out with ease. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be very useful in achieving a layered look. Die cuts can be punched out of different color papers to display a colorful card.

You can also spice up your card with scrapbook and patterned papers. These come in all different colors, textures and themes. You can also try glitter paper and pre-scored card kits to make card-making much easier. Card kits come in different sizes and often different colors to meet a variety of needs. During seasonal periods, such as Christmas, card kits come out with note cards, envelopes and many different die cut shapes.

Stickers are also great for cards to allow you to further express your creativity. There are many types of stickers to choose from: regular, 3D and those in different themes. RIbbons Ribbon comes in a plethora of colors, shapes and textures. Brads can be used to hold items such as die cuts on the card without the use of an adhesive.

Simply put, cards can be created with a variety of items found in your local arts and crafts store. You can play around using different methods to decorate the cards and have fun at the same time!