Holiday: Scrapbooking – The Gift of Memories

Holiday: Scrapbooking – The Gift of Memories

Whenever the holidays come up- Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays- we always find ourselves facing the same question. “How am I going to find the perfect for my loved one?” Often, we resort to buying a gift but sometimes the gifts that we put an effort to making is often valued than those we buy.

So why not try scrapbooking? Nothing says “I love you” more than a beautiful collection of all the memories of the time you have spent together. Plus, scrapbooking doesn’t require much. You only need photos, postcards, other important memorabilia and your creativity. Making the scrapbook will mean as much to you as it would to the person it was made for.

Scrapbooks can also light up any holiday celebration. Once opened, everyone will go through the book and remember all the wonderful milestones and moments in their lives: memories of weddings and birthday parties, the program from your daughters first ballet recital, the matchbook from the restaurant where you and your future husband had your first dinner. All these things make the scrapbook a gift that will be cherished.

Scrapbooking has come a long way from the days of the slipping the pictures under a plastic sheet or sliding the edges of the pictures into the little black paper corners.

There are now many tools available to help you get started from special scissors, ribbons and other pre-made designs. You can also do this with the rest of the family as a meaningful and fun activity. 

If you have difficulty making your scrapbook, there are websites that can walk you through the basics. There are also community classes for scrapbooking and you can find people through the local paper, the yellow pages or on the Internet that will be glad to build your scrapbook for you.   

You can also gather all the photos together, put them in order and take them to a place that will put it all onto a video tape or DVD for you, unless of course you’re lucky enough to have the knowledge and skill to do so yourself. This also has the advantage of keeping your photos safe from deterioration due to age or normal wear and tear.