Easy DIY Garden Gift Ideas

Easy DIY Garden Gift Ideas

Do you also get that blissful feeling when you see your family or friend tend their gardens? Seeing them so passionate in caring for their plants makes us feel happy too, right? Do you want to give something they will really love? Something you personally made for them that they can use in their gardens? Here are easy Do-It-Yourself gift ideas for your green thumb buddies out there that they will surely love.

1. Plant Labels/Markers

These are cute accessories they can place beside their plants for easier recognition. You can quickly and easily make a set of these for them at a low cost. Simply gather large smooth rocks or flat shells or flat wood bits and add the plant names on it using paint. Release your creativity and embellish them as you like.

 2. Personalized Terracotta Pots

Making this for your mom or for your friend will surely melt their hearts. It’s so easy to do! Even if you’re not so artsy, just grab a terracotta pot and using enamel paints, doodle or intricately draw flowers, a sun, trees and leaves, or even smileys on it and write their names as creatively as you can.

 3. Wind Chime

This gift would surely make your friend’s garden more beautiful. Simply gather a variety of shells or clay shapes that you will use as chimes and drill small holes on them. Connect 3-6 pieces of it with varied intervals on a fishing line, properly knotted in place. You can make as many strips of these as you can. Take a drifted wood to be your base (top of the wind chime) and drill small holes on it. Attach the shell strips on the holes you made. Voila! Clinking chimes.

 4. Sweatshirt Garden Gloves

If you have sweatshirts that are too old for you, you can re-create them into garden gloves. Turn it inside out, insert you hand into a sleeve and mark the shape your hand makes. Make sure your fingers are opened, not so close to each other. Run the marker where your hand fits. Cut the hand shape with a bit of allowance around it, and start sewing on your pattern line. After making sure it’s tightly sewed, turn the glove right side out and there you have it! New garden gloves for your gardener buddy.

 5. Seed Bombs

These bombs will surely add more color to their garden. It’s like an instant wildflower patch. Just mix together 1 part seed, 5 parts natural air-drying clay, and 1 part compost. Roll it into 1-inch balls and let it dry on waxed paper for a few days. Place it on muslin bags or simply make a cute little one and you’re bombs are ready to go.