Easy and Inexpensive Gifts for Newly Wed Couples

Easy and Inexpensive Gifts for Newly Wed Couples

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, a couple of your friends are already tying the knot with their long-time partners. Because of this, getting invited to weddings becomes more common than usual, especially if you’ve kept in touch with your loved ones. 

Sometimes, you’d even get invited to take a role in the wedding ceremony itself, serving as a groom’s man or a bride’s maid to signify your key role as they walk their path to another chapter of their romantic journey.

However, your participation won’t be complete without the anticipated gift that you will give to the couple. The gift will serve as your blessing, welcoming them to the door of married life.

To give you some insights on what to give, we have listed some of the best gifts for newly wed couples. These gifts will definitely touch these couples in one way or another.

1) Give them a basket filled with ingredients for a romantic, homemade dinner for two.


Do you want the two to have a silent dinner date together at their very own backyard? I can imagine they’d spend a good time, sharing laughter and stories in front of a bonfire. Giving them a hint of this romantic scene through the packed basket might just spice up their evening. Wrap the ingredients in a colander and don’t forget the complementary red wine.

2) Buy a beautiful set of pillowcases for couples.


If you can’t make a customized pillowcase for your favorite couple, why don’t you simply find the best color combinations in home shops? I tell you, you can easily find these trendy pillowcases for people who are in love. You’ll find many beautiful options that you’d event want to have one (as long as you have a significant other to share the pillow with…. 

3) Delight them with personalized couple mugs. plain-couple-mugs-2_1

Who wouldn’t want to have personalized coffee mugs that you can share with your partner on a morning? These complementary two can showcase the best headshots of the couple, a Mr. and Mrs. Right mug set, heart-shaped His and Hers mugs, and many other choices. Give your own personal taste because you’re the one who knows the couple well. 

4) Treat them to a relaxation spree with a spa voucher.


After the wedding is over, these newlywed couples are surely tired. They’ve been restless in the days heading to the wedding, and when it’s finally over, all they could ask for is a peaceful and soothing relaxation. Giving them a voucher for a spa at a hotel or a premium spa will allow them to combat stress and rejuvenate. It will certainly be a thoughtful gesture they will appreciate. 

5) Surprise them with a shopping gift card.


This maybe the smallest of all gifts given to the newlywed couple, but who said the gift card is any less valuable? A shopping gift card will give the couple a lot of flexibility in whatever they need, may it be an additional paraphernalia for other post-wedding celebrations, or some home decorations that they want to purchase as they move to their new home. Whatever that is, a shopping gift card is the modern and efficient gift that you can give to the couple. 

Do you love our list of gift ideas? I’m sure you still have a lot of ideas in your mind. Always remember, putting an emotional taste on your gifts will definitely add spice to an otherwise common or plain present. Take advantage of the fact that you know the personalities of the newlywed couple, and make sure that those personalities are reflected in your gift.

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